EZ-Access Case Study

97% increase in Organic Traffic After Site Migration to Webflow

EZ-Access in the #1 supplier of accessibility solutions in the U.S.


Organic Traffic Increase


increased Time spent on page


Client satisfaction

"Pait Digital took on a very complex and extensive project redesigning, streamlining, and enhancing our website."


EZ-Access is America's #1 supplier of accessibility solutions including ramps, lifts stairs and platforms. They came to Pait Digital with clear goals and expectations:

1. Design and develop a new website in Webflow.
2. Increase organic traffic and break current traffic plateau.

The team at Pait Digital delivered on those goals and more.

The Website

The website needed to accomplish 3 main functions:

  1. List and organize products by category using Webflow CMS.
  2. House custom tools including calculators and search filtering.
  3. Organize product specs and documents for ongoing changes.

Here's the old site navigation...

And here's our mega-nav that now pulls categories and products directly from the CMS and can be updated in seconds…

To see more, check out the new EZ-Access website.


A website migration for a site as established as EZ-Access is no easy task. With over 20,000 organic site visitors per month and hundreds of ranking pages, we couldn't afford to lose any traffic in the migration.

There were 3 essential steps to executing this migration:

  1. Pulling and organizing page data from current site
  2. Matching URL's and planning redirects
  3. Migrating content and other page data

Most site migrations cause a temporary loss in traffic, but not this time...


With careful planning we were able to take the new site live (built in Webflow) and saw an immediate surge in traffic.

EZ-Access' site traffic surged from 20,066 to 31,258 monthly visitors within 45 days of launch.

Here's the organic traffic growth...

We attribute this success to the meticulous planning of our SEO team to ensure that we did not lose any necessary indexed pages or data through the process.

"Pait Digital executed this project in a timely manner and provided prompt service and communication throughout the entire process. They are incredibly collaborative and diligently seek to understand our needs.

We look forward to the many years ahead working to increase traffic and conversions."

-Emily @ EZ-Access