Spud Equipment Case Study

Webflow CMS saves equipment company over $20K/yr in site management fees

Spudequipment.com is one of the nations leading vendors of used farm equipment.


Saved in site mgmt fees


CMS Listings managed


Client satisfaction

We can now put items on the site and remove them ourselves!  We definitely can recommend Pait digital to anyone needing help with their website.

-Bruce @ SpudEquipment.com


Spudequipment.com came to Pait Digital with 2 main concerns:

  1. They couldn't update the listings on their site on their own.
  2. When they requested updates from their developer, there was a 2-3 week wait and they were billed absurd amounts of money.

The Website

The new website needed to utilize Webflow's CMS to give the Spud Equipment team the ability to:

  1. Add/update/remove listings quickly.
  2. Feature certain equipment on the homepage.
  3. Filter equipment to make it easy to find.
  4. Do it all from one simple dashboard.

They can now edit all the custom fields for the equipment pages...

Once edited in the dashboard, all changes dynamically take effect on the website...

With a single toggle, they can manage which pieces of equipment are featured on the homepage:

To see more, check out the new Spud Equipment website.


Once the site was launched, we trained the whole Spud Equipment team on how to use the new site CMS. Since then...

All equipment listings have been managed in-house, resulting in no further site management fees or frustratingly slow turnaround times.

The website that Pait Digital built for us works well and is a huge improvement from what we had before.  It is much easier to navigate and we even feel like our traffic has improved.

-Bruce @ SpudEquipment.com
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