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Dominate at a Local Level

rank your business on local google searches

Let's face it... If you own a local business, you have to be online. Today, over 94% of consumers check online before making a purchase. If they can't find you on Google, they won't buy.

Simply having a website is worthless if you don't have an SEO strategy to get your website listed and ranked by Google. It's like owning your own private island with no boat or plane to get there... Worthless.

There are literally hundreds of factors that go into successful SEO results and they are constantly being changed and updated.

We could bore you with the details, but we'll save you the time and cut to the chase.

We are local Idaho SEO experts that can get your business ranked on Google fast.

We are certified and trained by the most experienced SEO organizations in the world, like SEMrush and HubSpot... Just to name a few.

We have spent years helping local Idaho businesses get found online and ranked on local Google searches and know what it takes to get your business the traffic and visibility that it needs.

We are so confident in our ability to get you results that we guarantee all our SEO work. If we can't show you a noticeable and significant improvement in your ranking in 90 days, you stop paying us until we do.

That's our promise to you.

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(+ Get a free SEO ranking audit and local listing check)

What Is SEO?

getting traffic from the free search results on search engines

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” search results on search engines. Search Engines, like Google, use a complex algorithm to determine the quality and relevance of all websites. This ensures that when you go online to search for something, you will be taken to websites that can accurately answer your query.

There are hundreds of factors that get analyzed by Search Engine algorithms. Many of these factors have to do with the content, images, and layout of your website. There are also tons of "behind the curtain" factors that can be hard to access and optimize without experience and a big chunk of free time.

At Pait Digital, we don't practice cheap tactics like keyword stuffing or robotic content. We believe that quality content is truly key to a successful website and we help your website grow into a Google-magnet that connects you with consumers that are primed and ready to buy.

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(+ Get a free SEO ranking audit and local listing check)

Get found locally

We create and manage local listings to make sure your business shows on all searches

Years ago, if you wanted to get your business in front of potential customers you would have to pay for a listing in the yellow pages.

While we no longer use these types of physical databases, the theory remains the same...

If you want to get your business in front of customers you need to establish your business listings.

The biggest struggle is the internet literally has hundreds of business listing databases and it has become almost impossible to manually create and manage a listing for each one.

In fact, less than 1% of local idaho businesses have consistent, up-to-date listings which is absolutely detrimental to their SEO ranking.

Google looks to these alternative listing databases to determine the quality and authenticity of businesses so if you aren't listed, your chance of ranking high on Google search plummets.

To solve this problem, we create, manage and optimize hundreds of listings for you with just the click of a button.

First, we run a listing audit to show you all your current listings, inconsistencies within those listings, and the listings you still need to increase your ranking.

Then we optimize your business listing and push it to over 100 local listing sites across the internet.

This ensures consistency and visibility no matter where your potential customers hang out.

So, want to know where you stand with your own local listings?

Run a free listing audit by scheduling a free, no-obligation strategy session with one of our SEO strategists!

Speak with an seo strategist
(+ Get a free SEO ranking audit and local listing check)