Six-Week SEO Trial

Just $2,000 for a full six-week SEO trial to kick off your journey to ranking #1 on Google.

Six-Week SEO Trial

Discounted six-week SEO trial to see if it's the right fit for your business.
SEO and Site Health Scores
On-page recommendations
Top 50 keywords report
Keyword recommendations
Competitor research report
Potential traffic data
Campaign strategy plan
1 High domain authority backlink
30-minute strategy call with Payton

$2,000 USD

($3,200 Value)
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"This trial gave us more than our old agency provided in 3 months of work."
- Jake I. @ 417 Pest Solutions
*There is no obligation to continue with SEO services once this trial ends.
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"Highest amount of traffic that our website has ever received. We are hitting record numbers and don’t see that stopping anytime soon!"

- Emily F. @ EZ-Access

"Pait Digital helped take our organic traffic from 500 monthly visitors to over 5000 in a matter of months.”

- Amy R. @ The Cookie Place

Try us out for six-weeks
(No other agency offers this!)

We don't have to get married yet, lets just go on a date! Try working with us for six weeks, risk-free with no commitment to continue after 30 days. We promise you will love what you see!

Here's what you'll get:

Technical Site Audit and Site Scores
Our SEO team will run site audits with multiple different tools to get an accurate accounting of your sites current ranking and health status.
With this, you can:
See your overall site health score
See your overall SEO score
See how many backlinks you currently have
On-Page Site Recommendations
Get a full spreadsheet of recommended technical fixes and updates for your site.
With this, you can:
Know what you need to do to improve the performance of your website
Have a clear blueprint of how to optimize your site
Keyword Rankings and Research
We will outline your top 50 keywords and how you rank for them. Then we will recommend the best keywords to implement according to volume, competition and more.
With this, you can:
Know exactly which keywords you are currently ranking for
Discover new keywords you should be implementing into your website
Competitor Research Report
We will analyze your closest competitors and discover critical data on what's working and what's not.
With this, you can:
Spy on your competitors and what their doing that's working
Shortcut your success by using proven content and keyword strategies
competitor analysis
30 Minute SEO Strategy Call
Chat with Payton 1-on-1 to review your trial results and get insights on how to implement them.
With this, you can:
Get a clear understanding of your trial results
Get more information on campaign plans and pricing

Here's what you'll get...

01/ Kickoff

Let's kick things off! Here's what you need to know...

  • Your campaign lasts for 12 months. After that, we hope you want us for another 10 years! 💙

  • Payments are made each month on auto payment. 💳

  • Each month you get a full accounting of what we did and where your money went.

  • You can plan to start seeing results after 6 months! (Sometimes even sooner!)

02/ Audits

We get your website up to Google's standards by:

  • Running a health audit!

  • Identifying broken links, missing tags, slow pages and security issues.

  • Executing necessary fixes on your website.

03/ Competitor Analysis

We spy on your competitors to shortcut results...

  • Auditing your top 5 competitors.

  • Seeing what types of keywords and content are helping them rank.

  • Recreating what they have done (much better) and using this to steal their traffic.

04/ Keywords + Content

We create the "right" kind of content by:

  • Finding keywords with high volume and low competition.

  • Create an aggressive content strategy to target keywords.

  • Create, proof and publish content to your site each month.

05/ Backlinks

We build more quality backlinks than anyone else by:

  • Locating hundreds of high domain authority link opportunities each month.

  • Executing mass outreach to initiate the aquisition process.

  • Providing top-notch content to accompany the backlink.

  • Reporting on link opportunities and  backlinks successfully built.

06/ Reporting

Personal and transparent reporting videos...

  • Watch our screen as we walk you through your entire report.

  • Get a full rundown on your campaign in 5 minutes or less.

  • Get a detailed overview of where your investment has gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to continue once my trial ends?

Nope! This is a zero-commitment trial!

However, we hope to blow you away in this first six weeks so you want to keep us around for the next ten years!

What kind of results can I expect?

SEO is a long-term growth strategy that takes months of hard, consistent work. This trial won't provide instant results in the form of new traffic, but what it will do is give you a clear and easy-to-understand roadmap of how you can grow your organic traffic.

We will provide you with all of our findings including a full site audit, website recommendations, keyword research, competitor research, and an accurate prediction of results and ROI if you choose to bring us on full-time as your SEO specialists.

From what we have seen, we do more in this six week trial than most agencies do in the first 3 months of their campaigns.

Do I need a website to do this trial?

Yes, a website will be necessary to do an SEO campaign. However, it does not have to be perfect (or complete).

As long as you have a homepage, this trial will be very effective!

Can you really accomplish much in just six weeks?

Yes! This first month is primarily used to "set the stage" for your SEO campaign. The assets and resources we provide will give you a clear blueprint to follow moving forward.

Still have questions?

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