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Dental SEO: Rank Your Dental Practice #1 On Google

Payton Smith
6 Minute Read
Oct 7, 2021
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1. What is Dental SEO
2. Why do Dentists need SEO?
3. How to rank your dental website
4. How Much Does Dental SEO Cost?
5. Why Hire Our Dental SEO Company

What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is the process of making your dental website appear higher in the search engine results — this means getting to the top spot in a search engine results page (SERP) without paying for an ad.

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Why do Dentists need SEO?

As time goes on, traditional marketing strategies are becoming less effective. Things like radio ads, tv ads and billboards are used far less as patients prefer a quick Google search to find the best Dentist in their area. This is why Dental SEO services are so important!

If you fail to build an online presence via SEO, your website will drop far beyond the first page of search results which means you will be missing out on the #1 source to acquire new patients.

So to put it simply,:

SEO will increase your website traffic

Your dental practice will reach more local customers

SEO offers a high ROI (return on investment)

Dental SEO is super cost effective

You will book more dental appointments (as seen below)

Dental SEO Leads Proof

How to rank your dental website #1 on Google

Ranking your website isn't something you can do overnight. In fact, it often takes months of valiant SEO efforts in order to rank high on the SERPS.

If any Dental SEO Company tries to tell you otherwise, they are likely not being honest.

With that said, it is comforting to know that organic rankings are NOT a bidding war. Google truly only wants to rank the most helpful, high-quality websites out there and this leaves a BIG opportunity for you to rank without spending buckets of money.

So if you feel that your practice is unique and high quality, your online rankings can and should reflect that. It's our job to make sure that it does.


Here are a few things you will want to do:

Setup and optimize your Google My Business listing

Choose the right Dental SEO keywords to target

Take care of your On-Page SEO

Build high-quality backlinks to your website

Make sure your website is mobile friendly and loads fast

Monitor your SEO progress

Bonus: Keyword Research Tips for Dentists

Keywords are what your patients are typing into the search results in order to find your business. It's essential that we know the exact dental keyword phrases that they are typing and use those in our website pages.

Keyword research can ben overwhelming but here are the basics you need to know.

1. Use a Keyword Research Tool like one of the following:


Google Keyword Planner


MOZ Keyword Planner

2. Take a peak at what keywords your competitors are using on their websites.

3.Make a list of all the services you use and try and predict what keywords are used to find those services. Ex. "Teeth cleaning Idaho Falls".

How Much Does Dental SEO Cost?

The first thing to celebrate is the fact that SEO is not pay-to-play like other forms of advertising. For example, if you are running ads you will always have to pay the required Cost Per Click (CPC) to get that traffic. The moment you stop paying, your leads stop all together.

SEO, on the other hand, is free to play meaning once you start ranking in the Search Engine Results, that traffic is free and limitless.

So let's talk Return On Investment (ROI). Let's say your average patient pays you around $500/yr and the average lifespan of a client is 10 years.

If you multiply $500/yr by 10 years you get a lifetime value of $5,000. This means each new custom you get is worth $5,000.

With an SEO campaign in place, after the first 12 month of your campaign, it is highly likely that you will start getting between 10-30 new patients per month. For the sake of this, let's call it 20.

Take your 20 new monthly patients and multiply that by the average lifetime value of $5,000. That equals a total of $100,000 in total client value from just those 20 new patients. Crazy right?!

Take your 20 new monthly patients and multiply that by the average lifetime value of $5,000. That equals a total of $100,000 in total client value from just those 20 new patients. Crazy right?!

This means each month SEO could be generated $100,000+ in new lifetime patients. That's over $1 Million per year.

To make a long story a bit shorter, You should plan to spend at least $1,000 per month as a minimum. This will give you the best chance to see quick results!

5. Why Hire Our Dental SEO Company

Here at Pait Digital we have worked with countless different Dental Professionals and have been ranked a top dental SEO expert!

Our focus on transparency and clear reporting has set us apart from other dental SEO services.

We get aggressive with your SEO campaign to ensure results as quickly as possible, while also understanding that this is the long-term play. With that said, we focus on our relationship with you and your office staff, making sure we ALWAYS under-promise and over-deliver.

50+ Years Experience

Custom reporting tools

Top-Rated in our field

Transparent and Honest

Aggressive and talented

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