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Webflow Migration

Migrate to Webflow without losing traffic

Migrations are not a job for a designer. Our migration team can manage your transition with pinpoint accuracy.
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30+ Successful Webflow migrations and counting

Migrating to Webflow comes with tons of benefits, but moving to Webflow from another platform can be a dangerous process if not managed by an experienced team.

A successful migration requires 3 core steps:

Preparation is the most important step!

It is essential to audit and pull data from your current site before you migrate to a new platform. We follow a tedious planning and preparation system that includes:

  • Crawling site & identify pages

  • Setting up staging server

  • Benchmarking analytics & traffic

  • Mapping all URL changes

With the proper planning, your migration to Webflow will be smooth and secure.

Time to make our move!

Once our planning phase is complete, it is time to make the move (with your approval of course). The actual migration involves a number of different steps including:

  • Transfering all metadata to new site

  • Resolving duplicate content issues

  • Identifying & addressing any lost pages

  • Preparing sitemaps & indexing site

  • Redirecting all changed links within Webflow

We're not done yet!

Your site has been migrated, but we're not out of the woods yet. At this point we must monitor the health and performance of your site over the next several weeks. This includes:

  • Crawling & addressing errors

  • Monitoring organic traffic

  • Monitoring index page count

  • Monitoring user engagement & conversion rate

A migration is never truly over until we can be sure that the site is once again healthy and thriving.

Most of our Webflow migrations result in an instant increase of traffic!

Like this Webflow migration for EZ-Access...

Idaho Falls SEO Company

Or this one for Mobility123...

Idaho Falls SEO Company

Or even this one for Alpine Castle Lake Insurance...

Idaho Falls SEO Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a migration take?

We take care of most of the migration during the development of your site in Webflow. Once the site is ready for publish, we only require an extra 1-2 days to walk through our migration process and publish your site.

Can you guarantee I won't lose traffic?

Site migrations require certain changes that can inevitably hurt traffic. However, we can guarantee that we will do everything possible to maintain your traffic and ensure that we mitigate any traffic loss. Your best chance to maintain traffic through a migration is by doing it with us!

Is migrating to Webflow worth it?

Webflow has a number of benefits that other platforms don't provide. Aside from the unrivaled design and functionality capabilities, we have found Webflow sites easier to rank than sites on any other platform. You won't regret moving to Webflow.

Can anyone migrate me to Webflow?

No. Migration requires an extensive knowledge of SEO and site analytics, as well as a suite of tools to crawl, audit and track your site. It is not something that should ever be handled by a designer or developer.

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