Website Design for Architecture Firm

Web Design for a national architecture firm

HFA has designed for companies like Target 🎯, Chic-fil-A 🐮 and Sam's Club. They wanted a website that could highlight those incredible projects.

We built a portfolio site that was easy to update and amazing to look at.

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built in 8 weeks
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"We love our new site! The process was actually really simple and the Pait Digital team was easy to work with. Definitely recommend."

- Cortland Brady

The folks at Pait Digital were wonderful to work with! Payton and the team were very responsive, quick and very flexible. I would highly recommend working with this group!

Cannon McNair

We want an easy solution to add and edit project case studies 🏢

HFA's existing website was outdated and difficult to update. Over the years, their business had evolved and their site no longer accurately reflected their purpose or mission.

They wanted something new and fresh with a focus on creating a dynamic site that could be easily updated to display their newest projects.

Webflow's CMS solution was a perfect fit for what they needed.

Joining two teams of designers 🖊️

Working with the HFA team was a dream. Each one of them was extremely helpful in the exploration and revision process.

Clients like HFA that have a vision of what they want make the process much easier and the final product that much more amazing.

Once the designs were finished in Figma, we built the site out in Webflow. This gave us that ability to use Webflow's powerful CMS solution to create dynamic pages to accomplish our goal!

We were extremely pleased with Payton and his team's work on the new HFA website. He was very communicative, friendly, humored our many edits, extremely fast and highly affordable. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Josephine Hardy

A dynamic site that can be updated on the fly 🦅

The site has a CMS (content management system) with a dashboard that allows the HFA team to add case studies on just a few clicks.

Once the fields are completed, the content is injected into a new dynamic site page which is automatically created using the existing site design.

The site is reorganized to make space for this new case study so the site can continue to grow as HFA's portfolio grows.

If you want more information on getting a site built for your firm, schedule a Zoom call with me and I can answer your questions and share more about our process and pricing.

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