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Pest Control Company Rebrand & Website Design

417 Pest Solutions

417 Pest Solutions is a local pest control companies founded in 2018. In just a short time they have been able to grow like a wildfire, offering the best pest service in the area. To get off the ground, I helped them with a logo, website and Google review solution.


Logo Design - A New Identity

Rocky Mountain Yards has a longstanding reputation in this part of the state. RMY has a longstanding reputation of being Southeast Idaho's premier landscape experts. Often times, such successful companies let their brand and online reach get outdated due to the demand for their services.

The owner of RMY, Blake, came to me to change this...

Final Logo

This new logo gave the company a new, fresh feel that still captured their purpose.

We kept the color red, which represents strength, expertise, and professionalism, but used a brighter tone to make it more noticeable and visually appealing.

Within the "R" icon, you can see the red mountains, which pays tribute to the original logo.

Site Icons True To Branding

I designed a set of icons to visually explain RMY's services in a way that would be engaging. This was we wouldn't have to be too text-heavy on the website when explaining what we do.

Website Design

With the website, we knew we had to accomplish a number of goals.

1. Make sure the site accurately portrays the great work we do.
2. Make the site easy to find to local prospects.
3. Make the site easy to navigate and focused on generating leads.

The design was simple and clean. Minimal text, beautiful images, and focused on guiding web traffic to request a quote. Each form submission is delivered directly to the staff at RMY to be contacted and sold.

See the site live at: