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With a website redesign and organic traffic strategy, the law firm of Smith Woolf Anderson & Wilkinson was able to increase their local site traffic by over 218% and increase call volume by an additional 130+ calls per month. This has helped generate loads of new personal injury and family law clients each and every month.

Company Overview

Smith, Woolf, Anderson & Wilkinson is a full-service law firm serving clients throughout the western United States from their offices in Idaho Falls and Driggs.

Finding The Right Fit

As a digital marketing expert, I have a particular expertise working with law practices and helping them generate new, local clients. The website we designed and developed for SWAW was built specifically to convert cold site visitors into qualified prospective clients. Once the site was up and converting at a high rate, all we had to do was drive some quality, local traffic.

The Problem

When I first started working with SWAW, they were already a thriving practice. However, like many law firms, they were suffering from an outdated website and web presence. The website that they had up was not a good representation on the quality of work that they did and even shed a bad light on their practice. For this reason, most of the new clients they were getting came by way of referrals. While this was enough to be one of the most successful law firms in Idaho, they knew that they needed to level-up their online efforts.

Teaming Up

They chose Payton at Pait Digital to take on their new website and online efforts because of his expertise in law marketing. They loved the idea of having an in-house expert that could help them manage all their design and marketing needs across the board rather than hire a different contractor for each different task.


Within a few weeks a brand-new website was created and launched. This new site immediately caught the attention of prospective clients and started generating new work for the attorneys.



This new site made it easier to filter out spammy form submissions by utilizing a detailed and custom form. This way, the only form submissions coming in were qualified clients that had already explained their situation and given specific details on how and when to contact them.This saved the secretaries at SWAW hours when following up with these new leads.

Once the site was done, we launched an aggressive local SEO and Online Reputation campaign which aimed to increase the organic ranking of the firm’s site.

This was done with a combination of on-page optimization and SEO, content strategy (blog), link building, local listings, and online review generation.


This proven local traffic process took the firm from ranking on the third page of Google, directly to the first. They started ranking for high intent keywords like “Idaho Falls Law Firm” and “Idaho Falls lawyers”. This organic traffic immediately started generating anywhere from 15-45 new “itching-to-buy” client leads per month.

With an increase of over 35 new 5-star reviews on Google, they began appearing in the local Google map-pack which added an additional 130+ calls and 102+ website visits per month on top of their already booming organic traffic.


Are You Ready? So I’am