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With a strong local SEO strategy and online review efforts, The Cookie Place was able to increase their organic site traffic by over 527% and increase reviews by over 200.

Company Overview

The Cookie Place is Southeast Idaho's most popular bakery with four locations around the area. They offer delicious, gourmet cookie delivery right to your door.

The Problem

The Cookie Place was already booming and had a very strong social presence which helped greatly, especially with the college so close by. However, they hadn't put any efforts into and Search Engine Optimization and knew that this was the next step if they were going to continue to grow.

Teaming Up

I was excited to partner with the owners of The Cookie Place because they truly do have the most delicious cookies around and we needed to do something to allow them to not only compete with the corporate cookie franchises, but beat them out.


We dove right in and came up with a strategy to help them rank #1 for popular keywords like "Cookie Delivery Near Me" and "Idaho Falls Cookie Delivery". We targeted these specific keywords that we had pulled from our research and restructured the site around them. This alone helped the bakery reap the benefits of their already powerful online presence.

The health of their website was slightly at risk due to the way it was set up. This could be attributed to the fact that they grew so fast that they didn't have time to worry about such technical things. We worked through their site to fix any critical issues and got them on good terms with Google.

Finally, we made a huge push on our content and Google My Business strategies, utilizing GMB to post regularly. this greatly increased clicks and kept our listing fresh and in front of potential customers. We implemented a text message autoresponder that integrated with my online review software to generate over 200 new, 5-start reviews.


Our new SEO and online review strategy brought fantastic results within the first 6 months.

As you can see in the graph above, The Cookie Place's website went from around 500 monthly site visitors to over 3,200! This means that we were generating over $6,000 worth of traffic at an ROI of 600%.


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