Generate hundreds of Google reviews on autopilot.

Online reviews are the fastest way to generate new customers for your business. I automate the process of getting new reviews to make it easy on you and your customers.
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Reviews = The ultimate shortcut to

attracting customers

Online reviews have become one of the biggest deciding factors for consumers when choosing a local business to work with. In fact, over 75% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a close friend. I put your reviews on autopilot and make the process easier for you and your customers.

Stand out from competing companies...

Your quantity of reviews and overall ranking on Google are dealbreakers for most consumers. This means that if you have more 5-star reviews than your competitors, you will control the majority of the search traffic - even if your not ranked in the #1 spot!


While Google reviews are typically the most impactful for your business, there are other review sites you won’t want to ignore. I can connect your review link to the review sites that matter most to ensure a balanced and dominant review portfolio.

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How does it work?

The #1 reason customers don't leave reviews in convenience. It is a pain to go online, find a company, and figure out how and where to leave a review. Besides that, customers don't know they are important and because of this, only leave reviews when they are upset and need to "vent".

Our review process eliminated this issue by making the process of leaving a review as quick and convenient as possible.

I provide your business with a unique review request link that can't be sent in a text message to each of your customers. With one click, they can be taken directly to the correct page to leave a review (Google, Facebook, etc.) For many businesses, over 50% of customers leave a review when they receive this review request message and the best part is they are all positive reviews.

We filter out the negative ones to protect your online reputation. Don't worry, you'll receive the negative review in an email to deal with privately.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is easy. All you need is a Google My Business listing
(free at

If you don't have one setup already, don't stress. I can help you get things set up properly.

How many reviews can this get me?

This completely depends on the amount of customers you have come through your business and how many review request messages you send out. Some businesses have higher quantities of new customers each day which makes it even easier to get reviews.

Either way, most of the time it is fair to say an average of 30-40 new 5-star reviews every month.

Do online reviews even matter?

Yes yes yes. Online reviews are the quickest way to make a splash online and start landing new customers. A higher overall ranking and quantity of reviews can immediately set you apart from competitions and make you the first choice for prospective customers.

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