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A New Website & SEO Campaign Increased Traffic by 546% for Prodigy Pest Control.

Payton Smith
FEb 15, 2020


Organic Traffic Increase


New 5-star reviews on Google


Monthly Views on Google Maps

Company Overview

Prodigy Pest Solutions is a top-rated pest service in Bradenton Florida. Chad (the Owner) has been in the industry for years and is recognized as an exceptional salesman and pest expert.

"If you are looking for someone that gives you time, expertise, results and a can-do attitude then look no further. Payton has been with me every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier having him run my online presence."

Chad Louk

Owner of prodigy pest solutions

Finding The right Fit

At first, Chad was skeptical about hiring help for his website and online strategy. After all, tracking online marketing ROI can be difficult depending on who you work with. It can be hard to see if you are getting the results you paid for. Some companies don’t deliver on their promises and don’t accurately report on what they’re accomplishing. 

Luckily, because of a personal recommendation, Chad was willing to give Pait Digital a shot.

The Problem

Thanks to Chad’s door-to-door selling efforts, Prodigy Pest grew quickly in its early stages. But he knew he could do more with a strong online presence and without having to do all the work himself. Unfortunately, he was a one-man show!

Increasing your online footprint is key to helping customers find you, no matter where they search. Let them think they found you on their own and the battle is won. 


Our first step was to build an attractive website that could impress prospects and be optimized for Google at the same time. After the site was finished in a few short weeks, it was time to move forward with a calculated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

New Website


An SEO campaign can be frustrating because the results may not kick in right away. In Chad’s case, website traffic began to spike just after a few months. I was glad to see this message from him after seeing some results:

This was only the beginning for Prodigy Pest. Our SEO campaign and new website design are expected to generate record numbers for Chad and his company. 

I look forward to helping support their exciting growth!