Why SEO is important for online businesses

Oct. 5, 2020
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical part of every business, not just online ones. Most people know that SEO is important, but also think they can get away with not using it. Some also think it's too hard of a concept to understand so they just don't. These businesses are making a huge mistake and can cost them traffic and sales. This article will show you why SEO is important for online business and why you shouldn't wait to get your site optimized by a professional.

Reason 1

Search Engines Are The Biggest Sources of Traffic

What do you do when you're looking for a product or service to fit your needs? You Google it (or another search engine). It'll bring up a list of businesses that are available to you and you pick one. If that business doesn't pop up in the search results, chances are you're probably not going to use them. Sure, there are other ways for businesses to get exposure such as word of mouth or advertisement, but this one will always be your biggest source. By using SEO, your business has a higher chance of showing up in searches that are related to your business's area. For example, if you're a florist in Boise, Idaho then you'd want your business to come up when possible customers are searching things like "best places to get flowers in Boise" or "flower shops in Idaho." This way, you have a much higher chance of converting these searches into actual paying customers.

Reason 2

SEO Leads To Happy Customers

In today's fast paced society, we're always looking for the quick solution. That's why people use Google. Google caters itself to letting its users find what they need and fast. When a customer puts in their search, they know exactly what they're looking for. This means that if they can't find it in a simple search, then they're going to get annoyed immediately. Using SEO, you can make it incredibly easy for them to find your business when they want to. This will lead to a positive user experience from the start, even before you get to serve them. Is SEO important for every business? Yes, even if your business isn't an online one, chances are the customers will find you through a search. This means you want their experience of finding you and (eventually) using your product or service to be as effortless as possible.

Reason 3

Local SEO Is The Future

This one is more for a non-online business, but it's still incredibly important. Local SEO is SEO used on a local geographic level. For example, going back to our florist business, you want those in Boise to find your business easily. People are always on their mobile phones and if they're in the area and are looking for a business they want to find it quickly. They don't want to be sent somewhere far away. Using Google's Business listings and map SEO, it can be incredibly easy to convert this "on the fly" traffic into customers. Running a business can be incredibly competitive and as an owner you should be looking for every edge you can find. Luckily, getting the help of an SEO pro can be the best investment you've ever done and will pay dividends overtime.

Reason 4

SEO Is Always Changing, But Businesses Aren't

The strategy behind SEO is constantly changing since Google is changing the way their algorithm works thousands of times a year. Many business think that SEO is a one time thing. They'll optimize their site once and forget about it. Sure that will work for a bit, but eventually their website is going to fall behind. It might have started off on the first page of Google, but over time it slips and eventually won't even show up in the first five pages. That's where you can get an advantage. By keeping up with maintaining your site's SEO using a professional, you'll be able to maintain and keep rising your page ranks on search engines. You can see why SEO is important for online business and why it is important to keep up with best practices.

TIP: While waiting on your Google My Business postcard, remind anyone that handles the mail to be on the lookout for the postcard. Often times these postcards are mistaken for junk mail and thrown away.

Reason 5

SEO Is Cheap

By making your pages search engine optimized, you're investing in your business. This investment costs money, sure, but it's relatively cheap compared to some other ways of getting your brand out there. In addition, optimizing your site will keep it relevant for a long time (you need to maintain it of course!). In addition, this investment can lead to an incredible increase in not just sales, but also brand recognition and company growth. Spending money on an SEO pro is an essential purchase for every business, online or not. It's not optional, and it's definitely not something that can just be kicked down the road.


Why SEO Is Important For Online Business

We've seen from these articles, just some of the reasons why SEO is important for online business. For a relatively low cost, you're able to create an edge over thousands of other businesses. Keeping up with the optimization will ensure that your business shows up at the top of searches for years and drive customers to you passively. It takes the help of a professional, but it's a mandatory investment for anyone who is looking to create a successful business.To top it off, it's not only for online business either. This is equally important for in person businesses. Being able to have an online presence where customers on their phones and computers can easily find you is critical in today's market. Be sure to take your next step of your business today and start focusing on SEO.

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