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Pest Control SEO: The Complete Guide

Payton Smith
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Oct 7, 2021
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1. What is Dental SEO
2. Dental SEO Marketing Services
3. Website Design
4. Content Marketing
5. Link Building
6. Local Dental SEO
7. Dental PPC
8. Are my efforts working?
9. How to choose an agency?
10. 5 SEO Marketing Tips

Running a successful dental practice today requires the ability to appeal to prospective patients both locally as well as online. Using a variety of marketing techniques, appeal to the demographics who are in need of your services most. Learning how dental SEO marketing can help your dental practice is a way to maximize your reach and your ability to scale your business as a whole.

What is Dental SEO Marketing?

Dental SEO, or search engine optimization marketing, is the method of marketing and promoting a local dentist's office or dental services with the use of today's top search engines.

Some of the most popular search engines used today include Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing.

SEO marketing can range from updating your website's layout to implementing new SEO tactics and purchasing PPC, or pay-per-click advertisements across the web on relevant pages and social media channels. Local SEO dental marketing goes a long way whether you are a dentist who is new to town or if you are seeking ways to attract new patients.

Dental SEO Marketing Services

Dentist SEO marketing services include a variety of tactics and tools. From traditional online advertising to developing a responsive and mobile-friendly online presence, there are many dental marketing SEO techniques that can be used to help draw attention to your own practice and the services you provide.

Website Design

Website design is one of the most important elements of building an online presence, even if your goal is to focus on dental search engine marketing. You only have one opportunity to make a positive impression with your website when promoting services, especially in the medical field. Without a proper website and an official online presence, building a professional and trustworthy reputation becomes increasingly difficult in a highly competitive industry such as dentistry. Our website design services include dental marketing SEO, so you don't have to fret over the look, feel, and SEO techniques executed during the process of building your website.

Content Marketing

We also specialize in content marketing to help boost SEO marketing for dentists, both locally and online. Content marketing is one of the most highly effective marketing tools used by businesses of all sizes. Crafting and sharing useful, informative, and unique content from the perspective of authority is a great way to attract new prospective customers and clients.

When building a website or online presence, link-building cannot be underestimated. Link building is the process of swapping and sharing links with other relevant websites or local businesses to help with boosting the overall search engine optimization of your dentist's office website. Using link building is one of the quickest tactics to boost your online visibility as well as your website's SEO.

Local Dental SEO

Honing in on dental search engine marketing is what we do. We will work to help boost your local dental SEO regardless of the current competition and surrounding practices you have near you. Adding content, changing headers, and using third-party directories as well as link-building opportunities help to boost SEO for dental practices in any niche market or industry.

Dental PPC

PPC, or pay-per-click, is one of the oldest marketing methods used to promote websites, products, services, and even ideas or brands themselves. Using PPC advertising is one of the quickest ways to immerse yourself in any online market, even local dentistry. Using dental PPC opportunities, we will help to promote your dental office as well as the services you provide to a suitable and targeted audience of your choice.

How to Know if Your Marketing Efforts Are Working

Knowing how to tell if your marketing efforts are working is essential to prevent overspending and to avoid launching irrelevant or useless campaigns.

Are you seeing an increase in rankings?

Keep track of your website's traffic flow and basic stats. Are you seeing a boost in your website's rankings on top search engines? You can also keep track of the current ranking of your website by monitoring specific keywords you are targeting and attempting to use to boost your website's SEO.

Is your website receiving more traffic?

Have you noticed an uptick in the website traffic your site receives? Begin monitoring and tracking the traffic stats for your website even prior to launching a local or digital marketing campaign. When you are familiar with the baseline of visitors you receive, it is much easier to determine which campaigns are resonating with your target audience and sending traffic your way.

Is your website converting visitors into customers?

Another way to determine whether or not your SEO marketing tactics are working is to consider whether or not your website is increasing the number of conversions it generates. Is your website converting more visitors into customers than usual after launching a recent SEO marketing campaign? If so, this is an indicator that your campaign and strategy are a success. Keep track of the visitors you receive from individual campaigns to learn more about what messaging, imagery, and even which platforms are most likely to reach your target audience of prospective patients.

Has your revenue increased?

A tell-tale sign of a successful marketing campaign is an increase in revenue. As with any business, it is imperative to stay updated with your accounting and finances, even as the owner of your own dental practice. Keeping track of your profits not only from traditional local dental work, but also due to referrals and leads generated from your campaigns can help you plan future marketing strategies that are right for your practice.

How to Choose a Dental SEO Marketing Agency

What are the goals I have for my dentist's office? Why am I interested in building an online practice for my dental office? Do I need to appeal to more patients due to a shortage? Am I just launching a new practice for the first time? Am I looking to improve my competitive edge when it comes to marketing and advertising?

Am I interested in an online presence to expand my reach and visibility, both locally and online?

Do I need to create an online presence and website to keep up with my local competition and those who are taking patients away from me?

What type of marketing am I interested in? Am I looking for a short-term campaign, or one that is ongoing and more long-term?

What types of marketing am I pursuing? Is it best for me to go with traditional SEO and search engine marketing along with PPC opportunities, or should I expand into working with social media and content marketing?

How can I ensure that I am taking the right path every step of the way once I begin working with a marketing agency? What type of updates and milestones will I be provided with as my website and campaign are created? How can I keep track of and monitor the progress of the SEO marketing agency I choose to work with?

Am I familiar with basic marketing tactics so I can determine which options are right for my practice based on the goals I have set for myself as well as for my dental practice?

5 SEO Marketing Tips Every Dentist Should Know

Whether you are just getting started with marketing your dentist's office or if you are looking for new ways to appeal to a broader audience, there are a few SEO marketing tips to keep in mind.

1. Know the Best Keywords to Choose

Understanding the significance of keywords is essential for anyone interested in building and expanding their online presence. Without understanding the importance of keywords, attracting new visitors and prospective patients becomes nearly impossible. Knowing the best keywords to choose for your SEO marketing campaigns can mean the difference between failure and success in such a highly competitive digital industry.

If you are unsure of where to begin when choosing keywords for an upcoming campaign, immerse yourself in the digital community of SEO, marketing, and promoting dental offices. Search for specific procedures and relevant dental surgeries that your own patients are likely to research when they are online. Compare both local dentist offices that appear within search engines as well as nationally known websites that include relevant dental content.

Take the time to read various pieces of content that cover a wide range of topics and subject matter. Learn how your top competitors use keywords, headlines, and meta descriptions to help boost their own rankings within top search engines. Work together with an SEO agency that specializes in targeting keywords to discover which keywords and phrases are most likely to attract traffic to your website.

2. Write Engaging Content

Content marketing is the key to many success stories told by Fortune 500 companies and popular brands today. Launching an engaging content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to build and solidify your reputation as professional, reliable, and trustworthy online, especially when you operate your own dental practice. Using a powerful and authoritative content marketing strategy is also a way to garner followers who have a genuine interest in learning more about oral health and potentially scheduling services themselves.

3. Build Quality Backlinks

Building quality backlinks is another way for anyone to boost their website's SEO, including dentists. Backlinks are links that lead users to your website from a third-party website, such as another website, a social media page, or even an online web directory. You can submit your website's URL to a variety of online directories to help with boosting SEO and maximize your reach and visibility, especially if you are launching your website for the first time. Working with an SEO marketing agency can provide valuable insight into the various backlinks as well as guest-blogging opportunities that are best for you and the goals you have set for your practice.

4. Optimize for Local SEO

All websites should be optimized for not only traditional SEO purposes, but also for local SEO purposes, especially if they are representing a local business or brand. Optimizing your website for local SEO allows you to enter the market in your area, even if it is already dominated by competing dental offices and practices. Optimizing your site and online presence for local SEO is not only a way to put your practice on the map, but it also provides an opportunity to surpass your most successful competitors. A website that is better optimized for local SEO than even top-performing websites will likely surpass the URL in a higher position given enough time.

5. Use Paid Google Ads

For both new and existing dental office websites, using paid Google Ads is one way to guarantee a boost in your website's SEO as well as a boost in your online visibility. Launching third-party campaigns via Google Adwords can help you to focus on targeting specific demographics based on age, location, gender, and even specific dental needs an individual may have. Using Google Ads provides complete flexibility and customization when it comes to building and placing campaigns on websites or networks that you approve. When you work with a dental SEO marketing agency, you will learn which methods of ad placement are most likely to result in new online followers or even new customers for your practice itself, depending on your own goals.


Once you are familiar with the basics of dentist SEO marketing, you can begin working with a dental SEO marketing agency that is right for your practice. With the right agent by your side, move forward with your SEO marketing for dentists strategy that is sure to deliver satisfying results. To learn more about local SEO dental marketing and to work alongside an agency you can trust with your next SEO dental marketing campaign, contact us today.

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