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We are your one-stop shop for all things Webflow, SEO, migrations and growing your business online.
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Our Mission

Unlock the full potential of Webflow with high-converting design and results-focused SEO


There is widespread distrust of freelancers and agencies, especially in the SEO space. We are different. We do exactly what we say, when we say it. Our clients will feel comfortable knowing their business is in good hands

Extra Mile

Our main focus is the success of our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure they see the best results. This means putting in the extra work to make improvements, suggest opportunities, and share resources.

Always Learning

This industry changes fast. Trends and strategies constantly evolve and so do we.


We are all going through something. We strive to be understanding of our client’s situations and take care of them accordingly. Your well-being is more important than our bottom line.

Our Story

2015 - The beginning

I (Payton Smith) started out as a freelancer with my first design project in 2016. Who knew you could actually make money as a designer?!

2017 - The decision

After a few years of freelance projects, I decided that this wasn't just a hobby anymore, but an opportunity at a career I was truly passionate about.

Along the way, I had acquired a love for sales messaging, search engine optimization, online reputation, funnels, and online sales.

2018 - Evolution

In 2018, I discovered my two greatest assets... A skilled team and a design tool called Webflow.

The team grew quickly to keep up with demand and in a matter of months went from a one-man freelance operation to a full-fledged design agency working exclusively in Webflow.

But one thing still kept me up at night... "We can build awesome websites, but that's useless if our clients don't have any traffic."

It was time to put our SEO skills to work.

2019 - Growth

Our client's websites were flourishing in the search results and generating millions in revenue. We had found our niche and we were determined to spend our days honing in our skills and becoming the best in the business.

Our team continued to grow as well as our influence in the Webflow community.

2021 - Cancer

By 2021 Pait Digital had served over 100+ clients, privately trained 800+ Webflow designers, and built a community of 5,500+ freelancers and business owners.

When it seemed like nothing could go wrong, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. I thought this would put a halt on the our growth and my dreams and goals for the agency.

I was wrong...

My incredible team stepped up and propelled Pait Digital forward as I went through chemotherapy.

2022 - Pait Digital 2.0

Done with chemo and in remission, I was back with my team and we were more motivated than ever before.

We have been hiring fast and doubling down on what we know best, SEO and Webflow.

Nothing has changed except the mission behind everything we do...

Each month Pait Digital gives a portion of our revenue to cancer research and supporting families going through chemotherapy.

Come be part of our mission!

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