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A Webflow agency with Idaho work ethic

We are your one stop shop for all things Webflow, SEO, migrations and growing your business online.
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🌱 Our beginnings

Building and ranking websites since 2017

Pait Digital was founded by Payton Smith in early 2017 from the basement of a small Idaho apartment.

What started as a small freelance operation, quickly grew into a uniquely specialized and agile team of 10+ Webflow Designers and SEO experts.

The team at Pait Digital has worked with over 100 businesses to build their websites and rank them on Google and has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for those clients.

🙏 Our code

Be transparent

When it comes to online marketing (especially when working remote), building trust with our clients is priority #1.

Communication and transparency with every step of our process will help you feel confident and comfortable in our abilities and commitments to you.

We treat you as if we will be working together for the next 30 years and that's our goal!


We always strive to deliver more than promised. We never leave a project unfinished and we never allow a campaign to be anything less than fantastic.

Work hard

I grew up here in Idaho believing that the most important trait you could have was to be a hard worker, even when no one is looking.

This belief remains at the core of our agency. We are working hard for your business, whether you are watching us or not.

We only succeed if you succeed so you can rest easy knowing that our team will put in the work to guarantee your success!

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